The company has two decades of experience working with manufacturers all over the world. We have worked with the most sophisticated manufacturing environments in many different industries, including heavy industry, automotive, commodities, consumer goods and electronics, pharma, aerospace, and more. We helped manufacturers ensure production is never the constraint, improving cycle times and due-date performance in full on time when production load and forecast are continuously fluctuating. We helped manufacturers to increase productivity synchronized with real market demand and by that increasing plant capacity. 

Our experience is covering manufacturers that are serving their market in MTO (Make to Order) model: Increase DDP (Due Date Performance), reduce production LT (Lead Time) and WIP (Work-in-Process), MTS (Make to Stock) model: Realize high availability coupled with low inventories, ETO (Engineering to Order), BTP (Build to Print) and any combinations of the above. 

Engineering/ New Product Development/ IT/ MRO

The challenge in these projects is huge; a combination of very high uncertainty is typifying such projects, a very high level of conflicting demands and stretched resources. We help companies win business by proving the market they are remarkably reliable, delivering on time or before time, project after project, preventing rework, start-stop phenomena due to the lack of full kitting, reducing multitasking, and overall achieving progressive flow. 

Our company worked in some of the most significant project implementing CCPM in huge IT companies, some of the biggest engineering companies in the world, MRO facilities were the reliable cycle time is critical and helped in innovating processes for new product development, to find the next game-changer, in many industries. 


How to have the right product in the right place at the right time? How to ensure the inventory you are holding will be simonized with the market ever-changing demands? How to identify and exploit your best sellers fast, how to prevent your tail from growing in markets that margins are always under pressure? We have helped numerous distributors and wholesalers dramatically improve their inventory turns (the most important KPI for resellers = sales/inventory) worldwide. 

How to increase the availability of goods while reducing the overall inventory in the supply chain is what we do, using the most advanced and cost/effective tools available today. 


How to solve the challenge of how much to hold on each shelf when you have hundreds of shops and tens of thousands (or more) different SKUs when the product life cycle is shrinking, and assortment universe is continuously growing. How to make all than when customers’ attention is disturbed by more and more channels and advertising? How to let your high runners meet customers’ demand without giving your tail increased and take the space of your shelves? How to sell more and more at full price and not be forced to sell to much at a discount? 

Working with all kinds of retailers, from supermarkets to fashion, from jewelry to home textile, from watches to books and games, we have the experience and knowledge to help you solve how to increase traffic to the store and the conversion rate to sales. How can you locate the right inventory at the right place at the right time and help you find the right mix of products to increase your sales and improve your inventory turns? 

Healthcare (and other service industries)

Our systematic approach, cause-and-effect analysis capability, and deep understanding of all areas of the TOC applications and thinking processes enable us not only to implement known TOC applications but also to go back to basic principles to modify the applications and create hybrid solutions that combine applications. Such an example is our set of solutions developed for the healthcare industries (and other service industries). In this specific area, Progressive Flow joined forces with our partners from the UK, Draethen Solutions

That has vast experience in the healthcare and hospital TOC solutions in the UK, Europe, and the US. 


The key for innovation is to create value in the eyes of a potential customer by removing a significant limitation in a way that was not possible before. Using the TOC Thinking Processes correctly, we are integrated problem-solving tools based on rigorous cause-and-effect logic, to create this breakthrough. Using the Thinking Processes (TP) in a very structured way enables us to create breakthrough new value propositions for the customers by identifying, challenging, and correcting unexamined assumptions. We are using the TP not only to focus and generate the unique value proposition but to check it in the market eyes to evaluate competitors’ reactions and to create a clear and comprehensive rollout plan of the innovative product or service we created.