Big Data meet Big BI

Retail operations automation is here

Leading a paradigm shift in the retail and supply chain world:

Increasing turnover and profit by managing product depth, breadth and lifecycle 

Progressive Labs introduces a new paradigm for retailers and supply chain managers worldwide to increase their profits, improve product turnover, and boost sales. Having acquired decades of expertise in implementing retail and supply chain management solutions based on the theory of constraints (TOC), Progressive Labs has invested in developing KIME—a revolutionary retail and supply chain management solution.

A SaaS solution based in the cloud, KIME brings innovative business intelligence (BI), analytics, and execution recommendations and automation to the Retail and to supply chain decision-making process and to the daily operation. KIME supports growth objectives through a robust, scalable solution to generate a significant increase in revenues within weeks.

KIME orchestrates a smooth flow of goods across the supply chain by implementing breakthrough algorithms that analyze and react to consumer demand. KIME provides greater visibility of daily product performance on a store-by-store basis and helps managers define the right merchandise and minimal inventory levels to maintain at each point-of-sale and warehouse. Furthermore, KIME helps to manage the product life cycle, from new product introduction (NPI) through end-of-life (EOL) and liquidation.


Automating the retail operational flow

KIME automates all the daily operations and procedures, synchronizing them to enhance the supply chain flow. The system aligns supply chain, assortment, merchandise and life cycle to meet consumer demand.

Innovative BI capabilities translated into effective execution

A reactive business intelligence (BI) and execution software solution for the retail industry, KIME responds to continuously-fluctuating market demands throughout the entire supply chain and retail operations. 

Leaders in managing supply chains for retail

 Based on decades of expertise and credibility in implementing retail and supply chain solutions based on the theory of constraints (TOC), Progressive Labs has invested in developing a breakthrough solution that considerably enhances supply chain execution and assortment management in the retail industry. KIME boosts your business results by utilizing your existing assets, including store, products and inventory, taking into account your specific business constraints.

Easy to implement, high-performance, robust technology

An advanced state-of-the-art SaaS-based platform that can handle any data volume, KIME is implemented quickly and interfaces easily with all ERP systems. Supporting any IT requirement through dependable central cloud technology, KIME enables you to scale the infrastructure as your business grows.